Robots wearing Kilts playing the guitar

Also created with DALL-E.

Lots of robots playing synths

Created with Dall-E as part of the unused preparation and messing around for this:

Around Arthur’s Seat and Duddingston Loch

Photos taken on a most pleasant walk with a Cannon 70D. The one advantage of SLR cameras is that if you haven’t used them for a while, then there is more likely to be battery left than in a mirrorless equivalent. I am not completely sure this is scientifically accurate. Anyway, at least one of the photos may have been taken by guest blogger, R. But the camera isn’t clever enough to tell who pressed the shutter.

Dad Song 21922

Sat down with my dad for 10-15 mins to show him how an Akai MPC Live 2 works. We came up with this:

Expanded it a little (well a lot but mainly adding a bassline and a bit more melody) on the MPC, exported into Logic and played around a little more.

Decided that the bass had absolutely ruined it. So did another one and remixed a bit.