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Borders waterfall and en route

Taken with Fuji XT-20. Gray Mares Tail waterfall, Scottish Borders and B709.

The Kelpies

Loch Venachar

Lost and Found

Outside Blackford Observatory, Edinburgh. Taken with Fuji x100T.

Edinburgh from Blackford Hill

Taken with iPhone 11.

Abandoned mental hospital on Firth Road

Taken with iPhone 11.

More multiverse

Again taken with Fuji xt-20.

Crawick Multiverse (B&W)

Taken with Fuji xt-20. Site looking a little C19 neglected.

the Dice of Cuthulu

This is a second attempt at a game using Clickteam Fusion. It is pretty unbalanced at the moment – would recommend playing with the left hand character.

To play, click here: