Download the whole E.P. as a ZIP file – BIF+EF-Road_less_Travelled if you wish.

Elenor isn’t really real. She is one of the voices in the rather amazing “Synthesizer V” an AI driven, artificial vocalist synth. See

Although in some sense she is, as she is created by a real person (in Taiwan) who has no idea of how her voice can be used. As an example, the Radiohead track is not the “Radio Edit” version and has some (very convincing) limited use of the F*** word.

The tracks above are a little rough and the software does introduce the odd click and pop here and there. It is basically possible to edit the vocal on an individual word/syllable level. Other vocal synths are available but this one is very accessible, reasonably priced and straightforward. The next step is to see how she manages with a Glaswegian accent….

There are a few other examples online. Most are not in English. A noticeable one is an “acceptable” Morrissey alternative. More than acceptable in terms of vocals……