Withdrawal Agreement Specialised Committees

These specialized committees are made up of representatives from the EU and the United Kingdom. 3. The EU and the United Kingdom ensure that their respective representatives on the specialist committees have the expertise to answer outstanding questions. For more information on the joint committee and governance structures put in place by the VA, see Section 7 of the Briefing of the Commons Library 8453 On the UK`s withdrawal agreement from the EU. Note that this briefing was on the November 2018 version of the VA. The VA was revised in October 2019, but the governance structures and the main body of the agreement remained unchanged. The protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland has been extensively revised. See Briefing Paper 8713, The October 2019 EU UK Withdrawal Agreement 4. The specialized committees inform the joint committee, in due course before their meetings, of their meeting plans and agenda and present to the Joint Committee the results and conclusions of each of their meetings. The creation or existence of a technical commission does not prevent the Union or the United Kingdom from bringing the joint committee directly to the joint committee. 2. The work of the specialised committees is based on the internal regulations contained in Schedule VIII of this agreement.

Unless otherwise stipulated in this agreement or if the co-chairs do not decide otherwise, the specialized committees meet at least once a year. Other meetings may take place at the request of the EU, the United Kingdom or the Joint Committee. They are co-chaired by representatives of the Union and the United Kingdom. The specialized committees agree on their timetable and agenda. Specialized commissions can develop draft decisions and recommendations and submit them to the joint committee for adoption. The VA has established a joint committee “responsible for the implementation and implementation of the agreement” (Article 164). The UK and the EU will work to resolve all disputes over the implementation of the agreement in the Joint Committee. But if no solution can be found, the disputes will be referred to an arbitration tribunal. 1. The following expert committees are set up: The VA has entrusted the Joint Committee with a number of agreements concerning the separation of the United Kingdom from the EU and the management of the agreement.

These include tasks related to the implementation of the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland. . The decisions adopted at this session demonstrate the extent to which the UK and the EU are committed to fully implementing the protocol so that the Irish in Northern Ireland can have the basic legal assurances they need. The UK and the EU reaffirmed their determination to respect the obligations under the withdrawal agreement and to fully protect the Belfast Agreement (Good Friday). . Both parties agreed to continue technical work on the information requirements of the financial provisions of the withdrawal agreement. They pledged to continue to cooperate on a number of issues in order to recognize the mutual interest in the smooth implementation of the financial provisions of the withdrawal agreement.

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