Service Animal Lease Agreement

Here`s my question/situation. I rent an apartment, my lease has expired and I am currently a month away. When I rented the apartment, I rented a dog, the dog said has now become my ESA with all the correct letters from my therapist. This accommodation has lush animal depots; Standard deposit of $250.00, pet deposit of $800.00 to $400.00 non-refundable and deposit of $1300.00 for carpets and of course an additional rent of $10.00 per month for pets. I visited the manager yesterday and I gave her my letter, she knew the ESA. I inquired about my pet rental; I don`t have to pay anymore. Pets currently have $2,100.00. I was told that I would get my deposits back if I evacuated the property, including the non-refundable portion of $400.00, and she could not require that my pet bonds be returned to me now. Is that legal? They will always be at their mercy when they leave the apartment. I then asked them if I was doing a new lease with no pet deposits, since I have an ESA if my pet deposits were returned? Again, I was told no…. any contribution to this situation would be appreciated.

I can`t find anything on the Internet about this kind of situation. As I mentioned at the end of my speech, the landlord needed a written policy regarding accommodations that met w/ ADA/FHA rules, were part of my rental agreement or were signed by myself when I applied for/obtained accommodation. I understand the law – did not expect another result after the incident. What I do exoect is a proactive and informed owner. Ignorance is not a defence. But what do you do when a candidate or tenant claims to have a medical need for an animal? In some circumstances, many owners do not know much about auxiliary animals or the laws surrounding the right of men to have animals in rental units. The fact that the term “pet” is often used by owners and public housing authorities to refer to both service dogs and service animals is often confusing. That`s a big question. Does the person who trains the animals have the same rights as those who need the animals? My reflex reaction is no, they don`t have the same rights. The client is not disabled, but does a job for the disabled.

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