Recycled Water Agreement

We currently have a tanker filling point in front of Dr. Coffs Harbour Stadium, where tankers can be filled with recycled water for transportation to licensed agricultural/watering customers. If an additional tank car filling point for recycled water is built in the Woolgoolga area, we can collect a modest fee for access and use of the new filling point. In order to use recycled water, end-users of recycled water must enter into a recycling and water agreement with the Council. An example of the agreement can be made here. Must accept that sanitary rules prohibit the use of tankers used to transport recycled water and then carry drinking water. Recycled water is produced throughout the year and the volume available on any day depends on recent rainfall and demand from existing users. In general, we have an excess between 5ml/day and 8 ML/day. At present, the Commission does not collect royalties for the supply of recycled water, but all transportation costs are borne by the end consumer. We are currently exploring the possibility of providing an additional reservoir filling point for recycled water in the Woolgoolga area.

The installation of this facility will be subject to the request of new customers. The amount of water currently produced is significantly higher than the amount of water currently consumed. You can find information on the quality of our recycled water here and in our recycled water quality policy. To transport recycled water, all recycled water cars (trucks) must complete an application with the Council to draw recycled water or sell recycled water thus drawn. Are responsible for the fact that all real estate that receives recycled water has a current agreement on recycled water.

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