Co-Writer Agreement Template

3. All funds, advances, receipts and other considerations that must be paid to us with respect to this contract and the sale, lease, license or any other existing or subsequent provision (book work title) are first used for the reimbursement of unpaid expenses resulting from a mutual agreement in writing and by researching the book; The remaining funds are divided among us as follows: 9. In case one of us is unable or unable to continue or finish the work (book work title), the other may complete the work (book work title) without the support or advice of the co-author, who is unable or unable to continue or finish the work (book work title). In this case, we agree to discuss the amendment of the corresponding clauses of this agreement to reflect the new part of the work that we will contribute each time and, if we are unable to reach an agreement, to submit these negotiations to binding arbitration. We agree that we will not take harmful measures (book work title). 5. In the event of any dispute of any kind with respect to the work before the completion of the work, the parties may terminate this cooperation agreement by a written instrument. In this case, (a) the percentage of interproportion, as provided for in paragraph 1, is amended to reflect the percentage of total work that was completed in writing under a revised agreement, without unduly accepting and unduly retaining mutual consent; b) [Author #1] has the right to complete the work, alone or in connection with another employee or collaborator, and to unilaterally enter into an agreement to sell or license the work. (1) The parties collaborate in the writing of the work and, once completed, the co-owners of the work (or hold the work in the following percentages: 50% of [#1 writers], 50% of [writers #2]).

(a) Although it is a work of common paternity, no agreement is valid or enforceable with a third party for the sale or license of the work, unless both parties agree to the agreement, unless it is provided for in paragraph #3 and #5 below. b) None of the parties may voluntarily sell or cede the work or its share without the written consent of the other parties, but the consent is not unreasonable. 9. The parties assure and guarantee that they have the right to conclude this Agreement and that their contribution to the work is entirely original and does not violate any other copyrighted material. 11. The terms of this Agreement are binding and to the benefit of the executors, directors and successors of all of us.

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