Bank Of Melbourne Fixed Rate Loan Agreement Standard Terms

c. does not constitute an offer or pre-qualification for a loan; A bank of Melbourne home loan expert will call you back. Opt for the prepayment of interest on investment credits and receive 0.2% per annum of the fixed interest rate on the previous interest2. A service that removes the pain from the home loan process. The new Owner Occupier (Principal – Interest) Advantage Package Home Loans4 is subject to an annual package of $395. LVR 60 to 80%. If you are an existing bank of Melbourne Home Loan customer, you will know how to manage your home loan. Note: You can use a personal credit secured by a car to purchase items other than a car. If you want to know more, call us at 13 22 66.

Within 12 to 15 weeks of signing your new loan agreement, you will receive a unique e-mail cashing code and instructions for cashing in your Visa e-poison card. You must follow the instructions and activate your cashing code within 85 days of receiving your code. After that date, the exchange code expires and you will no longer be able to use the eGift Visa card. Once you have activated the entry code, your eGift Visa card is valid for 36 months. Please check the instructions and expiry date of your eGift Visa card. The terms and conditions of the Visa eGift card will be available on the website. Visa eGift Cards is non-refundable and cannot be scraped for cash. Expired eGift cards cannot be extended or replaced. b. The Bank of Melbourne`s standard interest rates and all flat-rate or promotional discounts are included; and look at our latest interest rates for a number of Bank of Melbourne home loans to meet your needs. Compare our variable and fixed interest rates for homeowners and investors. LVR represents the initial credit-to-value ratio for credit approval.

LVR is the amount of your loan in relation to the valuation of your property by the banks that is offered to insure your credit, expressed as a percentage. Interest rates on home loans for new loans are set on the basis of the original LVR and do not change due to changes in the LVR over the life of the loan. All applicable LVR discounts have been included in the advertised eligible price. Fixed-rate mortgage credit: The bank applies the fixed interest rate available at the time of the payment of the credit or on the date on which the fixed interest period begins. At the end of the fixed rate period, the interest rate is converted to a variable rate applicable on home loans. $200 Visa eGift Offer: This offer is available only to customers who apply and are approved for a new unsecured or secured personal loan and who sign the e-contract loan agreement between November 10, 2020 and January 19, 2021. You must provide your email address at the time of your application to receive the eGift Card. Applicants can apply to the telephone number 13 22 66, when visiting a subsidiary or via the online application button “Apply Now”.

This offer is only available to individual applicants and cannot be used in relation to another offer and can be varied or withdrawn at any time. Limit of one eGift card per customer. Read the terms of the product before deciding if a personal loan is right for you. If you need help, call 13 22 66. d. cannot be taken into account if you apply for a loan from us, since we will do our own calculations. To assess the ability to repay a loan, the Bank of Melbourne may use a higher interest rate than the current rate of the loan requested.

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