Asean Framework Agreement On Intellectual Property Cooperation

3.7 Exchange of information on intellectual property issues. In accordance with the ASEAN-WIPO cooperation programme, ASEAN has also actively cooperated with the European Union (EU) and Japan in the area of intellectual property. The ASEAN-EU Patent and Trademark Programme (ECAP), launched in September 1993, has made a significant contribution to modernising and strengthening the management and enforcement of intellectual property protection in the region. Efforts are also being made to promote the development of human resources in the field of intellectual property, with the support of the ASEAN-Japan intellectual cooperation programme. a. automation to improve intellectual property management; and b) the creation of an ASEAN database on intellectual property registration. NOTE the important role of intellectual property rights in trade management and investment flows between ASEAN Member States and the importance of IP cooperation in the region; 3.6 Measures to promote private sector cooperation in the field of intellectual property, which are exploring the possibility: ASEAN is ready and willing to address the issue of intellectual property protection in the follow-up to the liberalization of trade and investment by AFTA. However, ASEAN must also take into account the ability to achieve fair and equitable trade with its trading partners and investors through its efforts to promote and improve intellectual property protection. The ultimate goal of ASEAN is therefore to cooperate with its major trading partners and investors in order to clean up the mutual benefits on the issue of intellectual property protection and to identify appropriate measures to facilitate the realization of these benefits in order to lead the region towards a more dynamic and productive future. 3.5 Public awareness of intellectual property rights.

AFTA`s core objectives are to attract significant foreign direct investment (FDI) to the region and to improve ASEAN`s competitiveness as a production base for the global market. To do this, ASEAN is considering the issue of intellectual property protection, as it is an important factor in creating a favourable investment climate, particularly in technology transfer. Intellectual property policy can be a powerful stimulus for policy. effective protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights; B.

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